Parish Council Agendas and Minutes

Recent agendas and minutes are available as a web page or in PDF format. The web page format is better to read online, particularly on a smaller device such as a mobile phone or tablet. The web page format is also fully accessible. The PDF format is better for printing. Some PDF documents have minor accessibility issues.

Older agendas and minutes are available in PDF format only.

The web page version may differ slightly from the PDF version. Minor changes have been made to improve accessibility. Changes include the spelling out of abbreviations in full and changes to the numbering of items. The PDF version is the document that was approved by council.

22nd May 2024

1st May 2024 Extraordinary Meeting

27th March 2024

31st January 2024

29th November 2023

27th September 2023

26th July 2023

Meeting Documents

21st June 2023

Meeting Documents

16th May 2023

Meeting Documents

29th March 2023

25th January 2023

Meeting Documents

30th November 2022

9th November 2022

5th October 2022

27th July 2022

22nd June 2022

25th May 2022 Annual Meeting

19th April 2022 Extraordinary Meeting

1st April 2022 Extraordinary Meeting

23rd March 2022

23rd February 2022

26th January 2022

8th December 2021 Extraordinary Meeting

24th November 2021

27th October 2021

29th September 2021

Please note that this meeting was cancelled and did not take place

25th August 2021

21st July 2021

23rd June 2021

26th May 2021

21st April 2021

24th March 2021

10th March 2021 EGM

24th February 2021

27th January 2021

There were no meetings between September 2020 and January 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns

23rd September 2020

26th August 2020

30th July 2020

There were no meetings between January and July 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns.

29th January 2020

27th November 2019

25th September 2019

24th July 2019

22nd May 2019

3rd April 2019

30th January 2019

12th December 2018

26th September 2018

Earlier Agendas and Minutes

Agendas and minutes for earlier meetings are in PDF format only.

25th July 2018AgendaMinutes
30th May 2018 (EGM)AgendaMinutes
23rd May 2018AgendaMinutes
4th April 2018AgendaMinutes
24th January 2018AgendaMinutes
22nd November 2017AgendaMinutes
27th September 2017AgendaMinutes
26th July 2017AgendaMinutes
24th May 2017AgendaMinutes
22nd March 2017AgendaMinutes
25th January 2017AgendaMinutes
23rd November 2016AgendaMinutes
21st September 2016AgendaMinutes
20th July 2016AgendaMinutes
13th June 2016 (EGM)AgendaMinutes
30th May 2016AgendaMinutes
16th March 2016AgendaMinutes
20th January 2016AgendaMinutes
18th November 2015AgendaMinutes
23rd September 2015AgendaMinutes
29th July 2015AgendaMinutes
30th June 2015 (EGM)Minutes
25th May 2015AgendaMinutes
25th March 2015AgendaMinutes
21st January 2015AgendaMinutes
2nd December 2014 (EGM)AgendaMinutes
12th November 2014AgendaMinutes
10th September 2014AgendaMinutes
9th July 2014Minutes
24th June 2014 (EGM)Agenda
14th May 2014Minutes
26th March 2014AgendaMinutes
22nd January 2014Minutes
20th November 2013Minutes
11th September 2013Minutes
14th August 2013Minutes
17th July 2013Minutes
29th May 2013Minutes
13th March 2013Minutes
16th January 2013Minutes
21st November 2012AgendaMinutes
12th September 2012AgendaMinutes
16th May 2012AgendaMinutes
14th March 2012AgendaMinutes
18th January 2012AgendaMinutes
23rd November 2011AgendaMinutes
14th September 2011AgendaMinutes
13th July 2011AgendaMinutes
11th May 2011AgendaMinutes
23rd March 2011AgendaMinutes
19th January 2011AgendaMinutes