Parish Council Minutes 29th November 2023


Councillors: Jon Aldington (JA), Paul Allen (PA), Sue Baker (SB), Karen Stanford (KS)
County Councillor Sue Chandler – KCC (SC), 2 Members of the Public, Parish Clerk – Joanna Jones


District Councillors Bartlett and Porter and Councillor Lidia Long (LL), LL also sent a written resignation. Clerk to report resignation to DDC. Action Clerk


The meeting closed and re-opened immediately as neither of the members of the public wished to speak.


Councillor Allen declared an interest as Chair of the Friends of Chillenden Windmill and Councillor Baker declared an interest as a volunteer at the Friends of Chillenden Windmill.


RESOLVED the minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held on 27th September 2023 be duly signed by the Chairman as a true and correct record of the meeting.


  1. County Councillor – County Councillor Sue Chandler gave a short report covering the assistance that KCC are offering to Discovery Park following the Pfizer employees at risk news, the flood risk strategy consultation, KCC supported Windmills and KCC’s litigation action against the Home Secretary regarding unaccompanied asylum seekers. Full report will be emailed to the Clerk, who will forward.
  2. District Councillors – report emailed out.
  3. Parish Councillors – no reports


Action Action Owner Status Update
22/23 – 014 Internet banking application KS On hold On current agenda
23/24 – 001 Investigate Parish Clerk – Offer letter and contract to be issued JA Discharged Joanna Jones started on 30th October
23/24 – 002 Communications workshop LL Not started KS taken over this action
23/24 – 004 Dog Poo Bin Costing KS/SB In progress Litter bin to be applied for once noticeboard site agreed, installation cost to be confirmed by DDC
1x Litter bin = £285.00
Annual emptying fee = £175
23/24 – 008 DDC on Demand Bus Request for extension to Goodnestone KS In progress Bus is funded by section 106 funding which is linked to Aylesham development. Any extension to route would need to be agreed by Aylesham PC and DDC. Cost per journey is £3.50 and does not take bus passes as this is a private venture. PC will find out whether the community are interested in us pursuing this by putting it in Messenger to gauge interest. You can get it from the corner of Palm Tree Lane and Bonnington as that is on the current route. To be included in January 24 Messenger edition.
23/24 – 009 Footpaths Lower Rowling/Knowlton LL Not started JA to take over this action and report on the KCC Public Rights of Way Reporting Tool
21/06 – 001 Draft Highways Improvement Plan SB On-going Pre-HIP meeting held, final HIP to be agreed on this agenda.
26/07 – 001 Investigate schemes for electric charging points JA Discharged KCC grants no longer available.
26/07 – 002 Draft standard letter for landowners for overgrown footpaths LL Discharged Agreed that this will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
26/07 – 003 Options for Parish Council Noticeboard – formal options to be presented at November meeting for sign off KS Discharged Options on current agenda
27/09/001 Issue Statement of Case on Claypits Footpath JA Discharged Issued – under consideration
27/09/002 Speed Camera Battery and advice from KCC SM Discharged The battery has been up dated, the speed camera now works. In order to be used the Chillenden pole needs to be moved into a 30mph zone
27/09/003 Wheelie bin stickers JA In progress Clerk to request 20mph toolkit from KCC Highways. Action Clerk
27/09/004 Knowlton Thankful memorial SB Action Discharged Currently being maintained by volunteers
27/09/005 Dispose of old signage in Goodnestone SB/JA Action Discharged Completed


Officer Report – no report

The KCC (Bridleway EE190 at Staple & Goodnestone) Definitive Map Modification Order 2022 – Planning Inspectorate Letter & KCC Email

It was agreed that Councillor Aldington will attend the meeting on 12th December at 10am and it will be promoted on social media by Councillor Stanford to encourage parishioners to attend. Action JA & KS


Progress on Highways Plan

Councillor Baker reported on the pre-HIP meeting with KCC Highways, it was agreed to prioritise lack of warning signs at the Goodnestone Road and Rowling Road junction on the new HIP. RESOLVED Clerk to submit HIP to KCC Highways. Action Clerk

New position for Speed Indicator Device (SID) pole out of 20mph zone

Discussions were held, it was agreed that Councillors Baker & Allen would research an alternative location for the SID pole in Chillenden and complete the KCC Form, Clerk to then submit the paperwork. Action SB, PA, Clerk

New battery for SID – £41.90

RESOLVED to pay £41.90 for the new battery.

KCC Highways Seminar – 1st December 9.30-12.30pm

Noted by members


Parish Noticeboard for Goodnestone – Quotes

Discussions were held, four quotes were considered, it was agreed to use Whitehill Direct Ltd as the supplier but not to make the final decision about size until the location is agreed, Clerk to chase DDC Housing for a response to Park View Close site request. It was reported that the Chillenden noticeboard is falling over, Councillor Allen to inspect. Action Clerk & PA

Millenium Field – How to maximise usage and add value to the village

Agreed to move to January agenda. Action Clerk

Environmental Fund – Options for spending budget held over from previous year

Agreed to move to January agenda. Action Clerk


Section 137 Grant Application – Church

Discussions were held, RESOLVED to pledge a grant of £1,000 to Holy Cross Goodnestone to only be spent on the path renovation and the new handrails, proposed Councillor Allen, seconded Councillor Baker. Clerk to write pledge letter and draft a grant application form for the next meeting. Action Clerk

Parish Clerk – 2022/23 Local Government Pay Agreement & Expenses

Discussions were held, RESOLVED to pay the Clerk £1 a week working from home allowance, to pay 10% towards the Society of Local Council Clerks membership by invoice and to recognise the nationally agreed back-dated pay increase of £1 per hour from 1st April 2023.

Local Government Pension Scheme – Parish Council to join and approve membership of Clerk

Agreed to be moved to the January agenda. Action Clerk

HMRC PAYE Scheme – In the process of registering

It was agreed that the Clerk will be paid in January for the work carried out in November, December & January once the payroll is fully up and running.

Parish Council Insurance – Renewal quotes

Three quotations were considered, RESOLVED to renew with Zurich for £450.38 for a three year, long-term agreement. Action Clerk

Natwest Bank Online – Parish Clerk to be registered

RESOLVED to add the Parish Clerk to the online Bank Account, Councillor Stanford to organise. Action KS

Unity Trust Bank

RESOLVED to open Unity Trust Current and Deposit accounts at a charge of £6 a month with the Clerk as administrator able to set up payments and view online and all Parish Councillors set up to be able to authorise payments and view the accounts online, with two individuals required to authorise each payment. Action Clerk

Fixed Asset Register

Discussions were held it was agreed that the Parish Councillors will send the Clerk photographs of the two defibrillators, two noticeboards and the bench with planters to help Clerk to construct the Fixed Asset Register. Defibrillators are currently not being checked and are not registered, first step is for Parish Councillors to identify a volunteer to regularly check the defibrillators. Action Parish Councillors and Clerk

Accounts – Budget v Actual to 30/09/2023

The Clerk presented the figures, RESOLVED to adopt the actual v budget accounts to 30/09/2023.

Budget ideas 2024/25

Discussions were held, it was agreed to include in next year’s budget; the cost of moving the SID pole, highway improvement works, Clerk’s salary, pension and expenses, new bin and emptying and installation costs, section 137 grant funding, grant for the fete and an increase in grounds maintenance. Mowing contract to be included on January agenda. Action Clerk


Payments to be approved

Business Service Invoice Amount Proposed Seconded
Kenny Ingram Battery for SID 1000321987 £41.90 Councillor Baker Councillor Aldington
DDC Parish Council Elections 1013317 £1,606.89 Councillor Stanford Councillor Aldington
Zurich Parish Council Insurance
£450.38 Councillor Aldington Councillor Stanford

Payments to be reported (already paid)

Business Service Invoice Amount Paid Proposed Seconded
Roger Austin Mowing 2318 £168.00 9/10/23 Councillor Stanford Councillor Allen


Planning Applications

  1. DOV/23/01233
    Proposal: Resurfacing of church access path
    Location: Holy Cross Church, The Street, Goodnestone, CT3 1PL
    RESOLVED to support this application.

Councillor Allen is attending the Local Plan Meeting at Dover District Council on 5th December, RESOLVED that he would represent Goodnestone Parish Council and object to the inclusion of SAP50 in the Local Plan. Action PA


Metal Detecting request

Clerk to inform requestor that Millenium Field and Fairfield are available for public use. Action Clerk

DDC Election Changes

Noted by members

KALC Draft Parish Charter

Noted by members

Parishioner request – Neighbourhood Watch stickers

Clerk reported that the Eastry Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator had recommended that a group was set up, Clerk shared details of next meeting, Cllr Baker to attend. Action SB

Consultation Document – Kent Cycling & Walking Infrastructure – closes 10th Jan

Kent Local Flood Risk Management Strategy 2024-2034 Consultation – ends 30th Jan

Both consultations noted by members.


Proposed KCC Consultation to Divest

Cllr Allen explained that KCC were considering divesting themselves of financial responsibility for windmills, members of the public are urged to respond to the KCC Consultation, there is an open meeting in Chillenden on 12th December. Discussions were held, County Councillor Chandler recommended that the windmill be registered as a Community Asset she will support actions to keep the Windmill in good repair and to maintain public access. Councillor Allen to speak to the Friends of the Mill about registering as a Community Asset, Clerk to investigate the timescale for registering as a Community Asset and to put the windmill on the January agenda. Action PA & Clerk


Website Information required – DPI links to DDC, AGAR – Bank reconciliation & Variances & 2023/24 Budget

Clerk to send details, Councillor Aldington to add to website. Action Clerk & JA

PUBLIC CONTRIBUTION TIME: A short session set aside for parishioners to raise matters. Individual contributions should be kept to less than 5 minutes.

The Village Hall will be hosting a Christmas Day lunch.


31st January 2024 – 7.30pm – Goodnestone Village Hall
27th March 7.30pm – Chillenden Village Hall

Meeting was formally closed at 21:32