Broadband in Goodnestone Parish

Goodnestone Village

Goodnestone village is served by an Openreach cabinet at Bonnington, at the far end of the park from the village. This provides fibre-to-the cabinet broadband to Goodnestone and Claypits. Top speeds of between about 25Mbps and 50Mbps are available in Goodnestone village and around 12 to 20 Mbps in Claypits. All broadband suppliers use Openreach cabinets so the service can be ordered through any of the major providers.


Properties in Chillenden enjoy fibre-to-the-premise or “full fibre” broadband. This went live in early April 2022. Packages start at around £25/month for a 40Mbps service with speeds up to 900Mbps available.


There is a community initiative to see whether we can use central government and KCC grants to deliver full fibre broadband to Rowling. Initial investigations showed the cost of bringing fibre to Rowling to be very high. Other options are being investigated including a joint scheme with nearby communities.

Other Parts of the Parish

Most other areas of our rural parish unfortunately struggle with slow or very slow broadband through the phone line (although see below for alternatives). If the Rowling initiative is successful, we will investigate whether the same scheme can be used to bring fibre broadband to other parts of the parish.

Alternative Solutions

Vfast are a Kent based company who provide wireless broadband that covers most of the parish. Speeds of up to 24Mbps are available. Installation costs from £199. Once installed, packages range from £14.50/month for very light users up to £36.99/month for heavy users. Please visit the Vfast website for the latest prices and to check your postcode.

Mobile data packages are much more affordable than they were. Coverage in the parish is mostly OK, but do check coverage maps before ordering a package as some providers are better than others. The cost of a package usually depends on the amount of data rather than the speed.

Satellite broadband tends to be expensive, particularly for packages with larger data allowances. A new service called Starlink is now taking orders. Satellite broadband may be suitable as a last resort in areas where no other services are available.

Mobile data and to some extent wireless broadband solutions may sometimes suffer from congestion, but are still likely to provide the best solution in otherwise poorly served areas.

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