Broadband in Goodnestone

In early 2015, Goodnestone had a very significant upgrade in that Vfast, who supply wireless broadband to parts of Kent, put a new antenna on the church. Anyone in the village should get a good signal and have the option of moving to a high speed connection. A wireless service will offer a substantial improvement over what's available through a phone line. Even if you are not close to or within line-of-sight of the church, Vfast have other antennas and many parts of the parish are well served.

The Broadband Delivery UK initiative and KCC are in the process of upgrading many parts of Kent to 'fibre' broadband. The green cabinet serving Goodnestone was upgraded towards the end of 2015. However, this cabinet is on the outskirts of Aylesham and the distance means that most Goodnestone residents are unable to benefit from faster broadband.

Kent County Council have pledged to improve broadband speeds for all properties receiving less than 2Mbps. As part of this programme properties with somewhat higher speeds but without access to 'fibre' broadband are also likely to benefit. However, at the time of writing (early 2016), no timescales had been published and there are no details of exactly what will be offered.

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