Broadband in Goodnestone

In early 2015, Goodnestone had a very significant upgrade in that Vfast, who supply wireless broadband to parts of Kent, put a new antenna on the church. Most properties in the village should get a good signal and have the option of moving to a high speed connection. Even if you are not close to or within line-of-sight of the church, Vfast have other antennas and many parts of the parish are well served.

In September 2018, BT Openreach installed a new cabinet at Bonnington, at the far end of the park from Goodnestone village. This provides an option for a Fibre-to-the-cabinet broadband to Goodnestone and Claypits. Top speeds of between about 25Mbps and 50Mbps are available in Goodnestone village and around 12 to 20 Mbps in Claypits. All broadband suppliers use Openreach cabinets so the service can be ordered through any provider. This provides an alternative to the Vfast wireless service for those properties unable to get a signal or looking for a different choice of provider.

Fibre-to-the-cabinet broadband is also available in Chillenden. However, the cabinet serving Chillenden is some distance away, so the available speeds are more modest and Typically between around 5 and 15Mbps. Check with your provider before ordering an upgrade. They should be able to give you a speed estimate and a minimum speed for your property. If the speed you receive is below the minimum, your provider should treat it as a fault or allow you to cancel any contract. 

Representations have been made to KCC about Rowling where broadband through phone lines is very poor, but in the short to medium term at least, Vfast is probably the best option.

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