The following photographs are taken from the village archive.

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Goodnestone Park c. 1900:

Goodnestone Park

A second picture of Goodnestone Park from c. 1900:

Goodnestone Park

A view of The Street from outside the pub, now the Fitzwalter Arms, c. 1897:

The Street from near the Fitzwalter Arms

From a little further along The Street, close to where Park View Close is now:

The Street from near Park View Close

The next view was taken from Holy Cross Church tower, c. 1930:

In around 1910, the post office was run by a D. Kemp, who was an enthusiastic photographer, and took many photos of the village. Some of these were sold as post cards, and some examples are below.

Firstly, The Street, from near Goodnestone Park Gardens looking towards the centre of the village. The iron railings were removed in the war and the metal used for the war effort:

The Street

The next shot is a little further down The Street looking towards the Fitzwalter Arms on the left. Apart from the surfaced road and many parked cars, this scene looks very similar today:



The Parsonage:

The Parsonage

The Alms Houses, close to the junction of The Street and Catsole Hill:

Alms Houses

Goodnestone stores, which sadly closed in 2010:

Two shots of classes at the school:

School Class

School Class

Various photographs of village life:

This the Pay family from Chillenden, c. 1880's?

House and Plough

Harvesting near Chillenden Mill:

Harvesting near Chillenden Mill

Lord FitzWalter, 1930:

Lord FitzWalter

Lord & Lady Emmie FitzWalter, also c. 1930:

Amusement Park

A hunting group:


Horse & Cart:

Horse & Cart

A Hop Pickers Card:

Hop Pickers Card

Oast men, 1913: