This page gives more information on the speed limit consultation for Goodnestone and Chillenden villages.

The Parish Council is seeking feedback on its proposal to implement 20mph speed limits in Goodnestone and Chillenden. You can download a copy of the flyer that was sent to residents if you need it. Please respond! Your feedback is important. The flyer includes instructions on how to respond.

A Highway Improvement Plan / Action Plan was prepared following a meeting with Kent County Council on 11th March. It gives a little more detail on the breakdown of costs associated with the plans for the two villages and can be viewed by clicking on the link.

Implementation of the speed limits and any related road safety improvements will be funded entirely by the Parish Council. This document gives a summary of the Parish Council's income and expenditure for the last 3 years and the budget for the coming year.

The following documents and websites give detailed information on the issues surrounding speed limits and may be helpful: