2019 Programme

21st Janary Planning for the year ahead to finalise calendar and activites for the year Debbie & Michelle
18th February "Poetry Slam" with Sarah Jenkins Sarah M & Sue P
18th March "Cryptic Crossword Writing" with Tim Moorey
(Open Meeting)
Contact Nikki Ellen on 01227 720464
or at
Maggs & Kate
15th April "The Life of a Blue Badge Guide" with Dick Bolton Prue & Julia E
20th May Resolutions followed by "Reflexology" with Sarah Vaughan Jenny & Nikki
17th June Summer Evening Walk - Venue to be decided N/A
15th July "Posh Swap Shop"
Recycle those unwanted clothes and accessories
Jan S & Mavis
August - TBA Trip/Visit - To be decided N/A
16th September "The History of Sandwich" with Dr. Andrews Penny & bridget
21st October "Foods for Free and Herbs that Heal" with Martin Newcombe Judith & Chrissie
18th November AGM and activity: Make a gift box Marion & Louise
16th December Christmas Party!! N/A