Jan 11, 2020

Village Hall Open Day

Saturday 25th January 1pm - 3.30pm. Goodnestone Village Hall

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Posted by: jon

The village hall will be joining in a national campaign which celebrates England’s 10,000 village halls by having an open afternoon on Saturday 25 January.

As well as refreshments and talk with slide show of photos from the village archive there will be displays relating to things that happen in the village now and information about local services. There will be opportunities for you to say what activities you would like to see happening in the hall.

The hall will be open from 1pm - 3.30pm.

At 3.30pm there will be a talk using materials from the village archive.Which Goodnestone resident was described as "odious for his zeal and fury"? What was the first prize for the tug-of-war at Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee celebration? How did Goodnestone W.I. contribute to the war effort? Come and find out on Saturday 25th at 3.30pm.

If you have any old photos of the village or other items of local interest you would be willing to lend for display we would be very glad to hear from you. All contributions will be welcome but we would make a special plea for anything relating to Rowling, Knowlton and Uffington.

When we had a shop in the village local businesses could put a card on their notice board which was a useful way of finding local services, particularly for newcomers to the village.If anyone in the parish would like to use the open afternoon to publicise what they can offer fellow parishioners please contact us.

Any enquiries to Nicola on 01304 841440 or